Road freight and transportation is one of the most popular types of freight in the world, through which we transport things through large trucks intended for transportation from one place to another , whether locally (inside Egypt) or Internationally, this type of shipping is frequent among the countries all around the world, especially in Egypt with vivid importing and exporting businesses.

One of the largest specialized companies in this field, International Group “Serious” for Land Transportation and Trucking in Egypt, Middle East and North Africa region.

Knowing as one of the cheapest land freight, trucking and transportation company in Egypt, “serious" company ships various items and products to and from anywhere inside or outside the country advanced trucking system, tailored for Egypt transportation services.

Road Freight


World Wide

6- Quality of Service:

ISO standards contribute to the effective running of the shipping industry at every stage of the supply chain. Take, for example, ISO technical committee ISO/TC 104, which Standardization of freight containers, provides specifications for almost every aspect relating to containers, from dimensions to handling and terminology.

We obtain ISO to better serve our clients and ensure high satisfaction rates.

7- Packaging, loading and downloading in the best possible techniques.

8- Create and update the latest system for tracking your shipments.


1- Safety is our first priority:
We always plan to achieve this important advantage, by training our drivers and employees to focus on driving compliance with all government guidelines and regulations and traffic rules.2- Excellent Services:
Our quality of service will set us apart from the competition. We will proactively communicate with our customers and drivers until their expectations are fulfilled and their satisfaction gained.

  • Teamwork:
    Our staff exceeds 50 full time employees.
  • Highly Professional:

We pride ourselves on having qualified and professional staff with 15 years of experience in road transport.

5- Competitive prices and distinguished services:

The balance between high quality services and reasonable prices, finally achieved.

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Best Services

Shaping is our Profession

Also our employee’s are selected at the highest level of skills, precision, with more than 50 employee’s to better serve our clients.
Our trucks fleet consists of various types. With our service, do not worry about your holdings and/or products that you wish to ship, we are proud that we have become one of the leading and currently reliable companies in road freight and trucking in Egypt.



with International Group “Serious” for Land Transportation and Trucking you will guarantee the safety of your goods that are shipped by our trucks.

Support Services

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Client Friendly

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Satisfied Cost

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We Track your Shipment


On 2014 Serious had established from the ground up to serve the Egyptian trucking business, recognized as best trucking company in Egypt , the company legal form is a Limited Liability Company, having “Commercial Registration Number : 75841”.

ISO Certificate95%
2014 Established80%

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